Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Thingy: Beaba Food Storage

If you're a new mommy or mommy-to-be, please don't be like me! I think I am too late to have this when Sofea will turn 10 months in another few days. Sorry Sofea.

We went to Bebehaus in Bangsar Village (nearby ToysRus) last weekend & I found this! Which I think this is my need to store Sofea solid food and not need me to cook everyday :) Yeay!

It is Beaba product called multi-portions food storage made from silicon & it is BPA free. There are few colours available but I'd love to have the plum colour. Mommy like :)

It is so easy to store the food in the freezer & we will only reheat 1 portion during Sofea meal time. I can also provide this to Sofea's babysitter so that I can ensure Sofea will still enjoying the nutritious food & most importantly cooked by mommy. Not her "second" mommy ;-) Mommy jealous okay!

If you ever wonder, since this product made by silicon, we can easily "picit" to push the frozen puree :) Easy kan? So practical. Apa lagi, belilah awal-awal mommies. Hihihi.

See, Sofea is a happy baby after her meal time!

P/S: There are few more products on food storage, but Sofea's daddy tak berkenan :(

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