Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mommy is Cooking :)

I enjoy mommyhood but as this is my first time, I'm quite blur on how to prepare a good nutritious food for Sofea. What if I cook, then Sofea sakit perut & got diarrhea? Huh, tough!

So, recently I found out something interesting from my i-pad. At least, I make use of it kan? Hehe. I bought this application from Annabel Karmel-Annabel's Essential Guide To Feeding Your Baby & Toddler! Very useful to guide mommies to cook for your baby. It has simple recipe but very nutritious.

Nowadays Sofea is quite choosy on her food. Nak makan makanan macam adult. Hahaha. With Annabel, I think Sofea will become a happy baby. Thanks I-pad, thanks Annabel. Wink!

Last weekend, I cook spaghetti for her. She loves it!

Here is Sofea my drama queen! Making faces while having her spagetthi.

I am glad that Sofea is growing up at a very fast pace.

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  1. Seila,nak try cari resepi untuk Zada jugak lah!!thanks for sharing!!!Love it!!Sofea cute!