Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Thingy: Diapers

As a new mommy, I tried many diapers for Sofea, such as Huggies, Drypers & most recently, Mamy Poko.

It is the fit pant diapers!

Why I chose Mamy Poko Easy Fit Pants recently just because I'm so exhausted to keep myself sweating chasing for Sofea everytime after bathing her.

The absorption is good & keep Sofea's skin not even once having nappy rashes. Sofea is wearing L size ok!
We need to have 4 packs in a month. It cost us about RM100 only. Not so bad la, kan...

This is the ONLY reason-fast & easy wear. I will change again to Huggies once Sofea can understand enough how to pity her mommy.

Sofea, cepat besar okay, mommy nak save duit. Hehehe :)

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