Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kids e World!

It was hard to see Sofea smiles during her fever. So, she owe us the pretty-pretty smiles. 

Last weekend, we spent some time for shopping at IKEA & as we went to IPC Shopping Centre, I found out this Kids e World at 2nd floor. 

My first target was to bring Sofea to KidZania but it is too early for her to be there. Later okay, Sophie! Promise :)

She really enjoyed & had fun! Hooray! The smiles tell me everything :)

One thing about Sofea, people really attracted by her. See, she easily getting friends! And you know what, her friend's name is Sofea too! Hahahaha. Sound famous ;-)

And this is mommy & daddy been super excited!

Sophie, zaman mommy & daddy, takde benda-benda macam ni tau. 

It's amazing how this little girl can give me a lot of strength. Mommy loves Sophie!


  1. suka post ni!! nak g jugak..thx for sharing..share lg yerk tempat2 best yg bleh bawak baby!!

    1. Dhee, kene pegi ni! best, mak boleh join main skali. hehehe