Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First Contest for Sofea

Hi Readers!

I just entered and give a try for one contest organized by E-MumShop.

A Breastfeed Baby Contest!

Need your delicate hands to click "LIKE" on that FB fanpage first then "LIKE" my little Sofea's photo.

Do follow this LINK. My chubby Sofea is there!

1. Nama FB: Norseila Nawi
2. Nama penuh bayi: Sofea Amani Binti Ahmad Solahuddin
3. Tarikh lahir: 18 Nov 2011
4. Jantina bayi: Perempuan
Why mother is so special?
1) Always kisses fed her baby with her breasts
2) Baby is warmth in the arms of its mother
3) Secure the baby in the knowledge of her presence
BREASTFEEDING clarifies mother's speciality :)

Appreciate your helpful "like" to win the contest ended 31st Mar 2012 :)

To whom, who interested to join the contest, HURRY send your baby's photo! 

Here are the prizes to be WON.

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