Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Weekend @ Putrajaya

Hello, my SECOND gateway for 2012 is Putrajaya.

We went there last weekend after mommy returned back from her seminar in Kuantan.

Urmm, mommy said this was the first dating place mommy and daddy went to. Hehehe.

No wonder, such a nice place to go for dating :)

Here u go, their photo taken on the first date! Still "malu-malu kucing"...

And here are some photos taken during our visit last weekend. Can't believe from ONLY 2 of them, NOW becomes 3 of US :)

Daddy first taken the photo with me, so I was obey when mommy called me to look at the camera.

Mommy's turn, I was busy looking around. Sorry mommy, daddy didn't call me for that shot =)

This was how I react when mommy harassed me to look at the camera.

BUT...I changed my mind to smile coz I might need the cute photo to post in this blog ;-) 

I'm loving it! My recent outing, before mommy got her "suspected dengue" fever. Get well soon mommy!

More outing please mommy...daddy...



  1. seila, nanti kontek yana kalau nk dtg.. tu opis bumbung ijau tu tempat yana kije..hahahhaha

  2. Owh, ye ke! Best2. InsyaAllah, nanti Seila inform Yana bila nak pergi sana lagi. Tak jauh pon :) Meh phone number. Hehe.