Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Al-Fatihah to Adik Dirang@Nurul Nadhirah

I’m a mother. I feel so sad to see innocent kids tortured and murdered. 

Lets us remind each other every day.  Don’t let our kids go out without adult we trust. Even for only 1 metre away from us.

Don’t let our kids play or walk around beyond our 3D. 

If you can’t see them, do something!  Shout out loud! Let others call you crazy mom. So what? As long as your kids are safe.

Remember, paranoid is a weapon. Use it! When you are paranoid, you'll be extra careful. When we're too busy or too tired, we might forget how paranoid works and can stop violence.

Kids are amanat and amanah Allah. 

Prevention is always better than cure.

Al-Fatihah Adik Dirang. Allah Loves You.

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