Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Weekend @ Sunway Pyramid

I spent the whole day on Saturday at home, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking etc. It was so pleasant as Sofea slept until 12.30pm. Hehe.

On Sunday morning, as Sofea still on her sweet dream, I assigned Solah to finish up Sofea's room. Some drilling needed. Men task!

Me, busy cooking "Bubur Pulut Hitam" on my first try. Check this out :)

After finish my thing & Daddy almost done with his drilling, Sofea still sleeping like a sleeping beauty ;-) Eh, the sound of drilling didn't affect her. Hahaha.

So, by noon, I had a good time with Sofea & Solah to Sunway Pyramid. Sofea's 3rd time hangout to Sunway. I wanted to find something to decorate Sofea's room.

So, we first went to Daiso. Hey! I love Daiso. All items at only RM5. Hahaha.

Hurm, I'm what you would call a "creative person". I love anything and everything that awakens my right brain. I'm addicted to decorations! So, this was what I bought :)

Few times, I took turn with Solah to carry Sofea. She seems bored waiting in the stroller as I took few hours in Daiso to get my right things. Pity Sofea. Hehe.

Then, we went to Popular Book Store. Sofea enjoyed her BIG & COLOURFUL story book.

Sofea was so happy with our weekend outing!

After few hours spending our time at Sunway, we went back home...Sofea look tired...

 Hey Sofea, hope you enjoy our weekend outing :)

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