Thursday, March 15, 2012

Different between Norefal and Dermafal

Erm, how to start...But I'm preparing this entry to answer one email sent to me by one of my old friend :) 

I'm not a promoter or either a seller of this 2 products. Not even a user, but some research may help :)

These 2 products are really famous nowadays. I can't really tell you readers on how it works but you can try on your own. Be careful if you have sensitive skin either, coz after all it is about your skin.

The main difference is that Dermafal is the 'enhanced' version of Norefal. 

Norefal comprise Sheep Placenta and Vitamin E.
Norefal comes in 100s packing.

Whereas Dermafal consists of THREE range.
Dermafal comes in 60s packing.

1) Dermafal with Vitamin ACE (for whitening)

2) Dermafal with Squalene (for moisturizing)

3) Dermafal with Royal Jelly (for firming)
This may help as well:

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