Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sofea's First Photoshoot!

Sofea just got back from her very first photoshoot session last week with Mr Fizzy and his wife. They came as early morning to photoshoot Sofea. Sofea was very hard-to-pleased as the first time to look into the camera. Thanks to both of them. Really appreciate it!

FizzyIlham was my official wedding photographer. Definitely, I trust him for any occasion after this. Looking forward for our family photoshoot :)

Get this...Sofea's official weight is now 5.5kg! Oh, my girl is such a big girl! That's almost double her weight at birth. Her face is rounder, her cheeks are drooping lower, and her neck is covered by her double chin.

People say she's nice to hold coz she's tough all around. Just take a look at her arms! The folds are getting deeper day by day.
Want a great workout? How about carrying Sofea up and down the stairs several times a day to send her to babysitter at 2nd floor? It will definitely leave my arms aching, legs nicely toned and burn loads of calories! This is why I lost my weight so fast :)

It's such an amazing feeling to see Sofea growing so well, so healthy, so chubby and so pretty!

Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah :)


  1. i wish i had a gurl like lil sofea... we miss her so much ;-)

  2. No worries, byk2 doa. InsyaAllah, tak lame dh tu. I lagi jeles nti, sbb ayah dia bleh ambik gambar dia salu including mase 2 weeks tu. Hehehe.