Friday, February 17, 2012

Show and Tell Friday-DIY Letters for Name

I made my letters for Sofea!
This letters actually one of my many DIY crafts for Sofea's little room :)

Here is a close up of the letters.

Here we start...

What I need to complete my letters.

To make my circles, I found a bowl from my kitchen that was the size circle I wanted and found a big piece of cardboard. I traced the bowl with a pencil.

Then, cut it out with a box cutter. 

Then I covered my cardboard circles in pieces of old torn book pages. Vintage look-a-like.

I love to tuck the pages around the backs of the circles as well so you can not even tell it is cardboard underneath!

After that, I freescale the letters using a pencil that I've prepared which was what I pictured in my head.

Next I mixed some black watercolour and painted my letters.

I am just giddy about how all this turned out! One last glance :D

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