Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Breastfeed Vs Working Mom

Hi Milk,

Thanks for keeping Sofea healthy and happy. Because of you, my girl has grown so much! No fever, no flu and no diarrhea. She's getting quite heavy now and I'm not complaining although my arms ache sometimes :)
Credit to FizzyIlham for the marvellous photo of Sofea :)

Being a working mom, I used to worry about your supply and storage. That's why I need to pump you out so that Sofea still can enjoy you. Yea, I have to accept that Sofea will go for Formula feed during my working hours. I can't insist, since babysitter is hardly accept to take care fully breastfeed baby :(

Storage began quite slow. Seriously, I don't even have any cooler bag to help me keeping you in the office. I will wait until congested and exploded, then only I pump you out at night. I managed to get 5Oz-maximum! Which only can supply for 1 and half Sofea's feeding time.

Like people say, sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit (slowly but surely). I will start pumping during the day and keep my girl filled with this new storage I bought from Autumnz.

As you know milk, it is now become my routine to pump you out twice at work and once again at home. The 3 servings perhaps just nice to keep Sofea filled at night.

Help Sofea by keeping yourself as tasty as freshly squeezed, OK.

Thank you again, milk. Maintain your flow for about 2 years, please!
Rock u! LoL


  1. your daughter is really cute!!please sharing about anakku breast pump as i am still searching the right ones with very affordable price!Thanks

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for ur compliment on Sofea :) The best thing, I only want to see her grow healthy. All I can say, so far, this anakku breast pump help me a lot. Doesn't matter on what brand U will go, the pumping time need to be consistent. Of course, if u pay more for branded breast pump, the durability will be higher. THis breast pump, if I'm not mistaken just RM70. I can't remember exactly the price as this was given by my hubby :)

  3. Hi dear. Nk tnya ckit ni sbb i xbrp tau sgt psl BF ni. Tgh mncari breast pump yg ok. U guna BP anakku ok ke? Then u stock yr milk dlm storage bottles autumnz tu ke? Lps tu bila nk guna milk tu, u buat cmne?panaskan, then tuang dlm botol susu? Anakku mmg xde storage bottle yg direct fit to BP ke?

    1. Hi Syeeda!
      So far I gune 2 breastpump, I gune yg manual. Satu anakku brand, lagi satu, AVENT. Both ok je. Tahan lama & so far functioning well. I mmg store susu dalam autumnz bottle tu, plus i beli sket yang plastic punye. Untuk panaskan susu tu, sbb i letak dalam freezer, just guna warmer. Dah cair, tuang dalam botol susu. If I gune susu dari beg plastik, kene keluarkan susu pada suhu bilik sampai cair, pastu tuang dalam botol before letak dalam warmer. If U refer kat picture kat atas, anakku mmg provide satu storage tu fit tuk BP, then I akan tuang ke botol storage before masukkan dalam freezer.
      Hope this will clarify :)