Monday, February 13, 2012

2+1 Becomes 3 :P

Hello Everyone!

I'm loving 2012! It's because it began with the MOST AWESOME vacation in my almost 2.5-month existence!

Here I am in the lovely basket on the way to our destination - Cameron Highland, Pahang! Celebrating mommy and daddy 1st anniversary :)
 I was sleeping in the basket ALMOST the whole time. Mommy was so pleased.

So, we reached the top after 5 hours journey. Then, we checked-in to De' La Ferns Hotel before started our visit.

We didn't waste any time. The weather was cloudy and it was so cold. After taking bath, daddy brought me to Brinchang. Daddy at first wanted to visit the Strawberry Farm, unluckily, they closed at 7pm. So, we went straight to Pasar Malam Brinchang.

SO MANY PEOPLE AND CARS THERE! So, mommy decide to carry me along the way at Pasar Malam. NO stroller can move i guess.

So, that was my introduction to the Pasar Malam :) Went back to hotel and rest. Zzzzzzz...

NEXT UP (Day 2), Strawberry Farm! We went to Big Red Strawberry Farm. Wasn't much of visit a farm anyway as only mommy and daddy had their chance to pick the strawberry. 

But I love the flowers, vegetables and cactus there!

Ooops, daddy in action :P

More like mommy and daddy wanted to enjoy the taste more. Pity mommy, she need to que for almost 1 hour to buy those.

The weather was getting uncomfortably hot near noon even we were at the highland! Daddy treat mommy for another steamboat, NOT home-made yea. Hehehe.
Little did I know, the restaurant just nearby our hotel!

So, this time I gave them a chance to enjoy it to the fullest. I was sleeping pleasantly in the stroller. Let them finish, then only I woke up. Pretty kind of me :D
This was how I look like just after they finished the steamboat.

We started our journey back to KL around 5pm. Mommy still got her chance to shop few Strawberry products on our way back.

Hey, SEE! Mommy bought me with this Strawberry Blanket ;-)

After all that fun, it's only natural that I slept all the way back home. I think I slept for a good 5 hours before mommy fed me. Totally flat out..

There you have it, everyone -my first pleasant highland getaway :) 

Mommy said, of course we will coming back here to visit Tea Plantation. Perhaps, that time I will be able to walk and enjoy the journey, not only depend on mommy and daddy :)

Thanks Mommy & Daddy,

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  1. To Baby Sofea.

    Daddy loves you. A lot more than YOUR mommy do. This visit/holiday/trip is nothing compared to our love.

    To Mommy.

    I'll never ever forget this 'holiday'. Oh i love De La Fern. Next trip : DISNEYLAND JAPAN.

    With Love,