Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Year Old Mommy!

My Dear Sofea,

Mommy is another year old last Friday! Mommy took off day to celebrate with U! AND you're just 3 months!

Usually daddy would bring mommy out for a nice birthday dinner but this year is a bit different. Mommy request to be with you comfortably at home and not going anywhere :)

So, how do you think we should spend our day?

We brought you for another round of immunisation! You were so good this time as no crying. Tak sakit eh? Or U gave chance to mommy's big day? Hehe.

Your current weight is 6.5kg, with 59cm in height.

After went back home, we could just hang out and play before I put you to sleep. You laugh (more like a chuckle) and very responsive too. Which is why we love to spend time entertaining you, little Sofea.

Despite all of that, I am loving every minute I get to spend with you little beauty, and I never thought I'd be so blessed.

Who needs a party when we have you ?


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