Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend Family Outing :)

I guess Sofea has stayed home way too much last week plus I had my off day on my birthday. Although it's nice to spend so much quality time together, Sofea needed to see the world and I needed a change of environment. So I brought Sofea out over the weekend.

First stop, IKEA. You know, this was where I spent a lot of my time. Searching around to get the right things to decorate Sofea's nursery. Sofea, once you are older, you and I can go shopping together, OK :)

Hunting for this cute light for quite sometime, but there were out of stock before. Lucky, I got these last weekend!

Next stop, IPC. I was so impressed with this colourful magnetic numbers! So, I bought it for Sofea even I knew there is a long way to go for Sofea to learn it =)
Because of this magnetic numbers, I am now searching for a small whiteboard for Sofea's room so that we can stick the numbers on it. Any idea??

While we had our lunch, Sofea was very obedient in her stroller and just sitting still...looking around the surrounding.

Before we went back home, Sofea had poo-poo. So, that was my first time entering the IKEA changing room. So comfortable and I love it.

Thanks Sofea for bringing mommy there :) I know you like it too. In fact, it seemed like you really enjoyed our family outing. We'll do it again soon, ok?

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