Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Girl Captured...

Sofea is growing so fast and we have started trying new things with her.
It’s fun seeing her do something new! How about roll over on her 3 months old?

She’s been sitting in the car seat for a while but is getting so much better at sitting like a big girl!

And these are just picture I love!
I love her profile and her sweet little pose! 

She fell asleep while sucking her fist.
Such a precious little girl!!!!

Love the look on Sofea's face. She's always generous with her smile & laugh :) 

Sofea, we are enjoying watching you grow and learn new things!


  1. comeeellllnyaa sofea!!...semangat seila bagi susu apa ni?

  2. Hi Anonymous, thanks for reading my blog :)
    Alhamdulillah, Allah give her a very good health which I syukur sgt2.
    For now, during weekend & nite, I akan breastfeed dia. But during my working hours, Sofea minum susu Enfalac A+. The best formula feed I guess. Hehehe.