Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Juicy Manjakani!

Eventhough, there are so many Manjakani Products in the market nowadays, I still prepare on my own.

I hope with this entry, I can highlight all your concerns yea, Dear Readers! Even I've post it before, HERE:)

Usually, I can prepare up to 1.5 litre of manjakani juice with ingredients as follows.

1) Manjakani (20-30 seeds)-You can get from Indian Spices Store OR Jusco/Giant
2) Rock Sugar
3) Plain Water
4) Halwa Kundur/Dates (optional tu use)

This is how we start!

First, BOIL the water in a pot.

Then, add 20-30 seeds of manjakani (cleaned) into the boil water. Rock sugar can be added 1 by 1 until you get your preferable taste.

You can add the Halwa Kundur or Dates if you want!

Lastly, close the lid and let them boil for 30 mins to 1 hours with low heat.

This is it! You can have it hot or cold by keeping it in your refrigerator. 

Twice a day is enough to keep you feel so wonderful!

::Notes- Let the manjakani residual in the juice so that it will be more effective to work out::

Good Luck :D


  1. yana baru start makan jamu..thanks for sharing seila!

  2. yup..thanks for sharing this recipe..

  3. Do you need to peel the seeds? Do you eat the seeds too?

  4. I only consume the manjakani juice, no need to peel the seeds.

  5. Hello Norselia, (my englis is bad, becouses I talk Spanish) I need seeds manjakani, but in my country is not possible, I live in Dominican Republic, I had read the healthy propeties of manjaki for help the intimity in the woman, if you can talk to me, about this seeds and how I get this product. tanks