Friday, February 3, 2012

Show and Tell Friday-Online Shopping!

I was quite free last 2 weeks. So, I did searching to buy some accessories for my little girl, Sofea.

I'm trying so hard not to spend so much money for shopping since I have new commitment with Sofea around :)

Online shopping will be my option coz I can manage my money better. Why? Coz I can choose to buy at the very BEST price offered on the same item. Even sometimes it might be risky-what you get is not exactly what you see.

Lucky me, so far, I'm very satisfied with all the items received.

Here U go!

Sofea's Hats and Headbands

I Heart this Shoes!



They are cuter in person than in these photos and even much cuter on, definitely because Sofea is very photogenic! lol

With this all shopping items, I've added to full Sofea's wardrobe. Ehehe :)

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