Thursday, September 29, 2011

BIG Bright Smile =)

It's shopping time!
I love shopping.
But this time round is for my BABY not for ME :(
We are going to complete our list this month in case our baby really excited to see the world before the due comes :P

I'm already feeling the heat...
Solah and me have been preparing ourselves too.

Just last week, Solah helped to clear off all unnecessary items from our baby's room.

 And after...

As for me, I've been getting as much sleep as possible during the night, knowing that I may be need to stay up changing diapers and feeding most of the night when our baby arrives. Hehe! Plus, I'm easily feel restless even just after 5 minutes standing.

My desire room design for my baby, will share how the room transform soon...
I asked Solah to buy me the cot and changing table too :) Knowing the price is really amaze me! Thanks IKEA.

Another good news received! Here's another sale clearance coming up today. This will help us a lot in saving money~Wink~

What I know is how much better, happier, jollier, funner, amazingly tremendous time waited for me then :)

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