Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Journey Towards Motherhood

I am really starting to balloon up! See!
My tummy is so far forward.
Compared to before, hehe~

My next appointment will be on 5th Oct 2011-interval 2 weeks. I can't wait to see how much my baby has grown.

Those are some of the items which I consume during my pregnancy. 
I hardly finish this :(

 I love this pomegranate juice! 

Did u know, pomegranate can reduce the risk for new born baby to get jaundice? So, I eat pomegranate a lot nowadays.

Folic Acid is a MUST for baby brain development.

Red Dates, given by 1 of my chinese friend.

My first try was on last Ramadhan, I love this soydrink compared to others.
 Really tasty and original.

 The latest supplement, Obimin.

Early preparation is good.
So, actually I've started to pack 2 bags---> my baby clothes and thingy plus my bag to the hospital soon.

Owh yea, I still not yet shared the due rite? Tentatively will be on 20.11.2011. Such a nice date :)

I really do can't wait to see my baby.

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