Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I never noticed it until I recently organised my purse.I decided to clear off some of the receipts and cards which are not in use. I kept all those after purchasing things.

I emptied my purse and this was what I found.

There's no more space in my purse.

These loyalty cards can be so useful in different ways: -Sometimes they make things you wanna buy a lot cheaper if you're a member. More discounted price for a member like Jusco card, Sen Heng, ToysRus etc.

-Sometimes they just give it; for instance my Mayflower Privilage Card, I never know how to redeem the points though.

-Sometimes they offer the card for free when you spend a certain amount, e.g.: SKII, then somehow they send a pamphlet via mail to offer new product with special price :)

-Sometimes we are made to pay for the card but get vouchers worth so much but it is different for bonuslink members, you applied it for FREE and you can redeem the collective points with a lot more attractive items.

This was what I did last week!

I redeem my bonuslink points at Parkson to get their voucher. I'm smart enough in terms of managing my saving nowadays :) With the voucher, I bought my baby thingy! Worth buying since I didn't need to add any single cash during my shopping. End up to get half of items from my list.

After all, I still need to declare this: I'm a sucker for customer loyalty cards for good. Now I'm start thinking how I can use all those cards to make money. hehe.

As I write this post, I remember that I left another 2 more loyalty cards in card holder at office; Turkuaz and Tangs Privilage Card.

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