Friday, September 9, 2011

Love Love Story

Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman, but luckier is the woman who is the last love of a man.
I heard about this in the radio yesterday :)

To be honest, Solah is my first love. I knew him since form 4, Sek Men Sains Kuala Terengganu.
Falling in love at first sight. Yes, for real!
Praise to Allah!
We started our love relationship after my SPM over-to avoid people think that our true love just as "cinta monyet". hihi
But Allah set something good for us though...
We both decided to end our relationship after we both further our study.
BUT still miracle happens.

At first, so malu to share our last chit chat (Between me and Solah) before we officially declare our relationship once again:)
I bet, you will smile all the while reading this ! LoLx...
(U may ignore those highlighted in red, out of the conversation: HAHAHA)

1st June 2009
kapranos97: weh
kapranos97: kerek seyh
seila_77: ape..
kapranos97: keje katne seila
kapranos97: bg address ur ofis
kapranos97: dkt x dgn UM?
seila_77: jauh gak yg dekat ngan Hilton hotel..
seila_77: packet Hub 159, jalan templer, section 8..
seila_77: Greenpacket building..
kapranos97: dkt ngan hilton?
kapranos97: tower ape?
seila_77: greenpacket..
kapranos97: ooo
seila_77: next to federal highway..
kapranos97: ooo ok2.
kapranos97: keje x nie?
kapranos97: blk kol bape?
seila_77: kul 5..
kapranos97: owh.
kapranos97: ur house katne lak
kapranos97: ngan ofis bape jauh
seila_77: jalan klang lama..
seila_77: 15min from office..
seila_77: OUG condo..
kapranos97: ooooo
kapranos97: jln kelang lame
kapranos97: cemane seila
kapranos97: bile my turn nk tibe
kapranos97: haha
seila_77: ape turn?
seila_77: kite kuar this sunday la..
seila_77: bleh?
kapranos97: bley
kapranos97: neo dh pulangkan blom?
seila_77: nak gi mane?
seila_77: dah..
kapranos97: nk g mane?
kapranos97: kawen lari nk
seila_77: bleh...
seila_77: kat mane?
kapranos97: kat siam la
kapranos97: prepare bwk baju2 skali2 k
seila_77: jom..
kapranos97: i keje site skang
kapranos97: kat UM
seila_77: ok..
kapranos97: rase cam dkt je ngan jln templer
seila_77: 1st July i move to new office kat wisma kemajuan..
seila_77: kenal x?
kapranos97: wisma kemajuan?
kapranos97: persiaran kemajuan?
kapranos97: subang?
kapranos97: owh kat pj
seila_77: yup PJ..
seila_77: dekat je ngan UM kan?
kapranos97: jap nk tgk map
kapranos97: sebelah LDP
kapranos97: dkt ngan giant
kapranos97: ur ofis skang lg dkt
seila_77: really?
seila_77: then, bleh jumpela after work..
seila_77: hehe..
kapranos97: sgt nk jumpe
kapranos97: tp u're not
seila_77: mane ade..
kapranos97: ade masalah x kalo jumpe ptg nie
kapranos97: tp arini naek moto my fwen
kapranos97: 1st day
kapranos97: cube2
kapranos97: syok gak
seila_77: ooo..
seila_77: so, u nak ajak i naik moto?
kapranos97: bkn la
kapranos97: n xkan la.
seila_77: oic..
seila_77: good boy..
seila_77: ;)
kapranos97: u g keje naek ape
seila_77: tumpang kawan..
kapranos97: ala siannye.
kapranos97: =p
seila_77: :-P
kapranos97: duit blambak
kapranos97: simpan dlm bank nanti bank terbakar canne.
seila_77: blom ade rezeki nak beli kete..
seila_77: tunggu la dulu..
seila_77: bank terbakar xpe, duit xterbakar nyer..
kapranos97: bkn dlm bank ade duit ke.
kapranos97: dlm mesit deposit ke.
seila_77: kak neqmi datang tdo sini, weekend baru ni..
kapranos97: ooowh
kapranos97: pindah keje baru
kapranos97: asal?
kapranos97: skang x best?
seila_77: no lar..
kapranos97: salary la
seila_77: jap ek..
seila_77: try ucall coz dari tadi, gune hp i pon, xleh call.
seila_77: sorry..
seila_77: sialp..
kapranos97: x phm
seila_77: silap..
seila_77: jap, ade urusan lain ngan member office ni..
seila_77: :">
seila_77: aduhai..
seila_77: silap taipla..
kapranos97: ooo
kapranos97: seila
kapranos97: hows ur status?
kapranos97: masih dirantai?
seila_77: no lar..
seila_77: i'm free..
seila_77: tp cam ramai plak yg menganggu fikiran ni..
seila_77: pening..
kapranos97: oooooo
seila_77: hehe..
kapranos97: u're free?
seila_77: yes..
kapranos97: udah dilepaskan?
seila_77: dilepaskan sgt jauh ni..
kapranos97: x phm
kapranos97: cemane tu
kapranos97: free n available la nie?
kapranos97: cpt la grab
seila_77: yup..
seila_77: cptla grab..
kapranos97: haha.
kapranos97: orait2.
kapranos97: jom tunang ptg nie.
seila_77: kalo bleh, next year nak kawen..
seila_77: hehe..
seila_77: ok, pegi beli cincin skrg..
seila_77: propose i today..
seila_77: haha..
kapranos97: naek moto
kapranos97: nanti jatuh cincin
kapranos97: xpe eh
seila_77: jgnla beli cincin longgar..
seila_77: ke nak amik mak punye?
seila_77: hehe..
kapranos97: cincin yg gune jed tu bley
kapranos97: cam lawa je.
seila_77: :-/
seila_77: ape2 la..
seila_77: janji org sayang..
seila_77: ;)
kapranos97: ooo btol gak.
kapranos97: nk kawen next year
kapranos97: tp skang free.
kapranos97: xley maen target camtu.
kapranos97: taley main trime je.
seila_77: mane ade terima..
seila_77: blom ade org propose pon..
seila_77: :D
seila_77: tgh tunggu the best man..
seila_77: best man win..
kapranos97: oooo.
kapranos97: so u're available
kapranos97: knape plak i kene tunggu ahad nie
kapranos97: nk ajak u kua.
seila_77: so, todayla..
kapranos97: today naek moto.
kapranos97: cemane.
kapranos97: jumpe area ur house je la.
kapranos97: sanggup ke tego org naek moto.
kapranos97: jumpe ptg nie la seila
kapranos97: again
kapranos97: minum2.
seila_77: ok..
kapranos97: area ur house?
kapranos97: ok?
kapranos97: i mite b late
kapranos97: so u balik dulu
kapranos97: mandi manda kasi wangi
kapranos97: bcoz im absolutely busok balik keje
seila_77: okok..
seila_77: u kenal my house?
kapranos97: bg address
kapranos97: i used to b mat despatch
seila_77: bukit OUG condo, jalan 3A/155 off jalan klang lame..
kapranos97: ok
kapranos97: blok no?
kapranos97: hmm xley masuk kot kan
seila_77: yup, rasenye xbleh..
seila_77: xpe2..
seila_77: u sampai, u gtau i..
kapranos97: ok2
seila_77: can't wait to c u ;)
kapranos97: hehe.
kapranos97: mee too!
kapranos97: sbb u're sgt sombong.
seila_77: :x
kapranos97: rase cam nk tarik2 je tinge.
seila_77: :-*
kapranos97: :-*
seila_77: >:D<
We really met up that day! And all the happy2 moment arrives-how we commit and made up our mind:

Merisik Day-22nd Sept 2009 (on3rd day raya)

 Engagement Day-17th April 2010

Solemnization-4th Feb 2011, 12noon

  Wedding Reception-4th Feb 2011, 3pm

Bertandang-5th Feb 2011 (2pm)

Alhamdulillah. I strongly believe: A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

For my lovely hubby:
Marriage is our last and the best chance to grow up.
Thanks for being a right person for me ;-)


  1. hehe its quite interesting to read those chitchat la. Comelnya u guys, memang dah jodoh. :)