Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pregnancy Check Up Again!

Today is the day!

I drove alone during heavy rain to the clinic :(
My hubby attended site meeting, so he was not able to accompany me.
Starting tomorrow, I need to record my baby movement.
Lucky no injection today, urine test & blood pressure-normal...
The ONLY concern was on my weight gain!
Doctor said need to gain at least 2kg, but I only gain 0.5kg.
Yes, I'm a bit worry with this progress.
Me on DIET? Not at all! Plus, I am craving for chocolate regardless milk choc, ice-cream or even biscuits.
So, for next check up, doctor said, "I want you to gain weight, please don't put urself on diet during pregnancy".
Oh, nasiblah U doctor, if not...sigh...

The ONLY GOOD thing happened was the way everyone around treated me!
Since it was heavy rain, I need to cross the road without an umbrella to pay for parking fee, out of sudden, 1 guy (waiter from nearby restaurant, who was asked by his boss to assist me) turned up and sheltered me with his umbrella and accompanied me along the way from my car to the clinic. Greatly appreciated! So kind-hearted just because he saw I am a pregnant woman. Touching :)

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  1. baiknye that guy.
    Alhamdulillah. ada insan perihatin :)