Friday, September 9, 2011

Female Driver-Lesson Learned!

I hate to admit this, but today...


2 accidents happened in a row.

First: Just nearby my house. Yesterday evening almost 7pm.
- Woman driver hit motocyclist
- Jalan lurus je, no traffic at all, maybe she was doing something else while driving-makeup?change radio frequency? etc
- Pity sangat kat motocyclist tu, motor tertindih his full body! Siap jatuh tertiarap.
- Woman driver tried to ESCAPE???
- Lucky ada orang sempat kejar that car. Hish...

Second: Today morning, on my way to office.
- Also, woman driver hit motocyclist and highway yang lurus with no junction, no high traffic etc.
- Lucky, motocyclist tu still ok,  still bangun and check motor dia.
- Funny things, woman driver really nervous, stop her car tengah2 jalan! haha.

Maybe tak semua woman driver have this kind of attitude but please be careful.
Otherwise, all female driver MUST put on this sticker to make other people aware that THEY ARE IN DANGER!


  1. hahahhaa ... maybe kot ... i yang pompuan ni pun kdg2 tension dgn women driver .. bawak keta cam harammm .... siap make up lagik ... adehhhh :|

  2. Samalah kite dear.. Kadang mcm nk g pok pale jew.. hehe