Thursday, September 8, 2011

Salam Syawal :)

This is it… Selamat Hari Raya to All Friends, still not too late rite? Hehehe.  

I hope each one of you will take time to reflect, and set yourself up and start with fresh new hopes, new ambitions and aspirations – may last Ramadhan gave us full of blessed!

For me, after Ramadhan and Syawal every year, I will gear myself for new challenges just like celebrating a new year

~set new targets, new goals and make many resolutions regardless at work, at personal front and all over!

I have some wishes that I would like to share here ......

After Raya Celebration, for me... this is the time to grow better - as in all challenging times, heroes are made and celebrated!

1) Aim to become that hero that makes the difference
  • between excellence and being ordinary (this is why I change my blog name to: Extraordinary Me);
  • between being successful and failing;
  • between being proactive and just merely being reactive,
  • and simply, between winning and losing!!!

2) Ready to face challenges, we must be ready to be flexible and adaptable to changes- I really want to be a super good mother for my baby!

3) Face the challenges of increased load and higher demands - platform for me to have more savings from now on :)

Let's pray for the best, let's take charge and succeed, and we will see:
  • "men/women" are separated from the "boys/girls"
  • winners are differentiated from the losers


I am a happy wife to have an opportunity to celebrate my Raya with my love ones, even both of us have to travel a lot to be fair for both. Hahaha.


  1. comelnye seila, we really shud meet, salam aidilfitri, maaf zahir n batin from a long time no see friend, hehhee..

  2. Hai Yana, perut je comey! hehe. membulat...Selamat ari raye, mintak maaf zahir batin jgk. Seyes, lame xjumpe. Kene jumpe b4 deliver ni tau, jemputla dtg umah seila kat bukit jalil.

  3. Awat dlm photo perut nampak besar erk...Masa kat umah Mak Teh kemaman x derk besar mcm tu,....confius...hihi

  4. Shira, dia ikut jenis baju la kot. hahaha. Baju merah ni agak ikut posture badan, so blehla tunjuk perot tu. hikhikhik. Walaupon, hakikatnya, xsebulat itu ;-)