Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Owh iphone! Whatever It Takes :)

Be thankful for the difficult times, because during those times you grow! 
And because of this difficult times, I've to wait again...
Hmmm, this iphone 4 belongs to my hubby. hehehe.
Mine??? As i said, I've to wait. 
For iphone 5 maybe. I need to settle few debts then only will decide to own this.

This is the first SMS that I received from Solah after he got his iphone on 22nd Sept 2011 :)
"Syg, I mite b a bit late. Dom 630pm cantu kot. Ssh btol SMS pakai iPhone NIH. Hehe"
 Notice that he wrongly spelled few words? 
NIH= no need to be capital letter lor. Ahaks!
Solah has gotten a hang on handling iphone and figured out how each application works after few days.
And because of this new iphone, I think it's the most convenient way to make him sit still and keep him occupied for a period of time, then I can watch my favourite channel on TV. Hihihi.
Whatever it takes, i will get mine too so soon yea ;-)

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