Friday, September 30, 2011

Jusco Baby Fair

JUSCO is having Baby Fair!!!
Solah and I went to Jusco Taman Equine last night. He wanted to buy new office pants which suit him better. We bought one pair before, but looks like he did not enjoy wearing it (he used to complaint everytime I asked him to wear it). Hurm...

Lucky, Jusco offer 15% discount to all Jusco card members. So, the price is far cheaper than our budget.

The offer caught my attention towards the baby thingy especially clothes. Some are even lower than RM10.00! So, we bought some for our little baby.

Remember on my last post about the stroller. I wanted to buy SCR5 at first, but I changed my mind :)
SCR9 is even better! Multi functions stroller, which can change into sleeping basket and attached with SCR7 carrier carseat.
Plus, it's comes in RED. The price don't have much different. Jusco even offer another 5% off on SCR9 stroller.


  1. salam...

    nak tanya, how much is the stroller ye? interested sangat :)


  2. Wslm, the promo price is RM499 :)

  3. SO beli la ye? Nak tanya saiz kalau dah folded. besar tak? lepas tak myvi?

  4. sy nak bru ble scr9+car seat kat warehouse die seri kembangan rm630 je.kalo scr9 je rm449...stok bru smpi dr china jumatt ritu...kat jj akn ade mid of dis month..

  5. sy pki myvi xlpas tyar blakang..kalo nk ltk blkg kne cbut tyar xsusa pn cbut..kalo xnk cbut tyar kne ltk bhgn seat bhgn kaki lps xmkn ruang sgt...

  6. scr9, okey bb baru 3 bln, n klu pi jalan kt mall, suke tgk die dlm stroller tu, selese sgt..tdo lene mck kt rumah..

  7. nak jugak nak jugak...

  8. Replies
    1. Saya pakai Gen2 lepas, rasenya lebih kurang je dgn saga flx :)