Monday, March 7, 2011

Sharing My Interest

This is more of an informative entry, and it is a scheduled one. At the point of publishing, I might taking my bath. hehehe. I am off today from work, so taking my time to pamper myself. I love doing facial  and I believe every ladies loving it too!

But today, I will talk about interior design. Really dream off to have such beautiful and comfortable "home sweet home".

Since I live in an apartment, the space is the first thing to put into consideration. 
 This Living room arrangement is just nice

 I heart this shaggy carpet for my living room

 I am looking for this dining table 

Library room, just suite my first guest room
My master bedroom-to-be, Arghhh!
This would be for my little girl
For my little boy, like father like son =p

Rajinla mandi kalo dapat bathroom camni
All pics taken from Google, perhaps 1 day I can renovate my house and do exactly what I desire the most. Of course, for now, money is the matter :)


  1. how i wish dapat stay kat umah kecik apartment jek... senang nak handle... nih pun tengah cr teres setingkat coz fizzy tamau umah tinggi2... park susah katanya... =(

  2. rumah i skg mmg apartment, mmg senang nak handle, tp kalo barang sgt byk, sakit mata, nampak cam bersepah, hehe. I pon prefer umah teres, the main concern pon, parking, hmm, ntah bilela... hehe.