Thursday, March 10, 2011

Public Transport Day

Don't get it confused. No one ever celebrate this day so far. hehehe. But I just wanted to share my experience today using public transport.

Along the way from my house to office, traffic was really CRAMP! No other day like today. There were 2 accidents occurred nearby Sunway Toll***I dengar dari Radio HotFM :)

So I decided to make a U-turn and using another alternative ROADtransport (LRT-Bus). From Bukit Jalil Station--->Masjid Jamek--->Taman Jaya--->P1 Office. A bit excited as I could see so many people walking like nobody's business, rushing here and there to catch the time =)

I started my journey at 7.30am from Bukit Jalil STAR station. My office did provide shuttle bus from Taman Jaya LRT Station to P1 office interval 30 minutes. Luckily, I managed to catch last bus trip at 8.30am but still the bus drove me too slow to office and  finally I reach office at 9am sharp! But if I am about to drive, definitely I will start working at 10am today then.

P/S: Still meeting my 2011 goal: Record with 100% adherence and 100% puntuality! Any of my staff who read this entry, I challenge u to do the same thing :)

I'm having my lunch in the office now while sharing my experience here (^_^)


  1. gud job deary!! i kalau pi keja lambat tu maknanya fizzy lah yg buat i lambat... hehehee

    anyway kajang oso had xciden kot diz morning coz my officemate duk semenyih sampai lambat today... =)

  2. Waa, banyak plak xcident arini, maybe sebab ujan. Org memandu sambil tido. hehe. gud job, tp kene urut kaki sket, lenguh berdiri =)

  3. i dulu keje damansara everyday nek public transport tu yg bley kurus... now banyak lemak jek... hehehee

  4. beauty, btol la, i terpikir tadi, tgk sume jalan laju2, sebulan, habis lemak cair. hihihi.

  5. u tinggal kat bukit jalil? area mana? if u dont mind sharing..i dekat puncak jalil :)

  6. Shikin, i duk kat Taman LTAT, xjauh dari Sirim, apartment 5 tingkat tu =)