Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blast by Mr Photographer_Con't...

The other day on my previous entry, after came back from office. I dressed myself up nicely to go to "secret place".

Little did I know after that, we were going to "makan-makan" at Sentul. Note, our first time went to Sentul, we really explored the place.I think we spent about 1 hour just driving aimlessly. We lost! Until my hubby need to ask few residents around there to reach the "secret place". LoL.

We reached the destination quite late! Well, better late than never right? Luckily we managed to get there=)

And Okay, it was an ordinary restaurant{my first impression}. I started to wonder why my hubby really excited to have dinner there, maybe because of the seafood but I noticed he was looking around at the same time...
 Searching for something?

UNTIL something else grabbed my attention, I was attracted with the signage that were on top of the Lambaian Seafood signage.  YES the SIGNBOARD!!!
Ok, the photo not so good, let's see this!

Spot the upper right corner photo??

 Yea, it's me!!!

I was so excited! But became more calm coz my hubby asked me to control. Hahaha.

Mr Fizzy, U made my day :-) Yea, it was really a surprise, thanks a lot! I will become more famous then.

AND u deserve this, LoL...



  1. ahaks.... mesti best kan... u noe wut... i siap paksa fizzy kasi tau ape yg dia nak surprise tuh... hihihi... me da tengok jugak singage tuh... glemer uuuu ;-)

  2. hehe, i ade paksa fizzy, tp dia taknak btau. Now i noe. glamer2, hahaha.

  3. Naqi, kalo org perasan signage tu...kalo x, tade maknenya. huhu.