Monday, March 7, 2011

Arabic Theme for Wedding/Dinner

Bila sebut pasal Arabic ni, it will bring us most to Islamic.

So, if nak pakai baju mengikut tema ni, mestilah menonjolkan ciri islamic.
I was invited for a dinner this coming April and the theme is Arabic. I don't know why somehow people really like to choose this theme for a dinner ;p
Of course everyone want to be outstanding and I am now searching for the right choice using Google. Thanks Google!

 I like soft pink but elegant still

Ini rekaan Hatta Dolmat, I'm his follower and really admire his design
This design look sexy also by Hatta Dolmat

I found this Shermani via ebay, for sale RM1100. Nice for my hubby!

How about this one? Turqoise. Sorry Bienda, but really admire this :)
Still looking and searching around, April still almost a month to go!

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