Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Say Hello to Fabulosity !

I didn't notice that I love this series so much. I honestly didn't, at first. Then Solah popped the question...

"U love to watch this like I do love watching football game on TV"?

Surprised that my man would ask such question out of the blue. Wink :)

I took a second and analyzed, yea, I really did!
 I found this article in Malay Mail dated 10 Mar 2011. Follow her @ KLS

The thing about me is, I do love anything that can inspire me, like what KLS does :) Yes, she is Kimora Lee Simmons!
Don't miss to watch her new episodes of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, every Monday at 9.30pm on E!.
Follow her as she starts fresh by developing a brand-new company, launching her KLS fashion empire & creating a new fragrance as well.
I had a chance to watch her last nite, busy searching for models to launch her new skin care company-Shinto Clinical.

Wow, so fabulous!

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