Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanting Good News...still...


My oh my...I get hungry quite fast nowadays! 

I eat like nobody's business sometimes. Hahaha =p 

I had lunch twice these few days (everytime are rice base), eat chocolates and cakes at any time of the day while doing my daily tasks, and there worst thing is I can go on and on eating bread which I bought from vending machine provided in my office. Usually, I will feel hungry 2 hours after any meal despite not doing any physical activities--->just sitting at my desk in front of my lappy.

I notice nowadays I can't focus doing any of my job without buying something to munch especially chocolates. 

Sayang, I know u notice I asyik bawak a bar of chocolate to work which I put inside my handbag, hehehe. 

Although the items I buy don't cost a bomb but still... yes, exactly, I am worry about my weight gain :(

 Kalau jadi cute macam ni tapela =)
 Are the culprit to my strange appetite is just because I am married?? Or I am...???
What a strange big appetite I am today!

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