Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

I loves reading and I admire him so much!

This is the book that I wanted to for now. I did not have time to rush to MPH yesterday. Perhaps, I still can buy this book. I heard some say, the respond is just lukewarm even they display the book at the MPH entrance. Only the price is sizzling hot? Is it true ? Then I still can grab it today =)

His message is very clear. “I am a common man. Any common man could do what I did. We just need to strive our best”.

I follow him through this weblog: Che Det

By the way,  the story of Tun’s memoir are carried by many US papers including Washington Post and NY Times.
"There is one special doctor who had given Malaysia and Malaysians a lot of comfort in the last 30 years"


  1. uikssss!!! ade iklan kat comment. tutorial pls. hehe. Jom pg MPH!

  2. Haha, ini namenye, carik duit lebih untuk shopping. huhu. Tunggu jam 6 nak choww ni!!