Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OCBC Vs AEON Customer Service Representatives

I really impressed with OCBC Customer Service, they are all very good so far. The way they handled the call and complaint really satisfy me. They really WOW me!

Today, I complaint on unnecessary charges in my credit card statement, after an hour, OCBC representative called me and help me to reverse the charges. I am impressed not because they help me on the waiver but the time they took to resolve the complaint. Worth to have their credit card and use their service. Well done OCBC!

Compared to AEON, I really hate AEON Customer Service. They are NOT professional, plus very RUDE to customer. Take 3 working days to revert on complaint??? But up until today, no one even dare to call me. Hey, AEON, please improve your service. I never receive any call from Customer Service before that dare to hang up call, but with AEON, they DID! Pity u AEON to have that kind of personnel attitude.

This complaint has been send via AEON feedback form on 23 Feb 2011, but NO ONE EVEN LOOK INTO MY COMPLAINT. You guys suppose to call me, which never happen and will never happen I guess. AEON, u're really sucks!

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  1. baru je puji skit, trus kene annual charges ke ape name die. adesss. hehe. sabo2.