Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Thought That Counts

Purposely preparing this entry bukan nak show off okay, tapi tanda saya menghargai, sebab saya suka ambik gambar barang2 yang diberi oleh hubby i dan simpan photo ni kat laptop, takot2 hilang, al-maklumlah, laptopku ini macam gilos sket 2-3 menjak ni. Virus ape la yang terkene kat ko ni laptop.

P/S: Yang rasa jealous (kamu memang busuk hati, hahaha), tak payah baca pon takpe. Sekian.

He loves to buy me sweet things, but nothing can beat with how sweet my face respond when receive those (***Smile***)

He loves to leave me notes, he said, "U will remember me more", so even on tissue, will do =)

I definitely will receive at least a card during any of my special day. Now, I have a box, to keep it nicely.

I heart cute things, then he bought me this, Simpsons. He loves to watch Simpson on TV as well.

I was very sad at 1 time coz someone stole my watch (*first expensive watch I bought, with first salary paid-out). It was happened in Surau. Hmmm. The waterworks started!
But I had the pleasure after Solah bought me with new one.
Also with 1 card with 1000 meanings (^_^). He really made my day.

He also notice that I love reading so much, so he bought me few books+magazine.

Remember, I said my phone was broken previously <post> and it was really hard that I need to survive without receiving update from office during my off day. But to be honest, money ran out really fast for my wedding preparation that time, I even can't afford to own a cikai phone. But again, he did!
 U will know how to value this phone when u're in desperate like me

I can't deny that I am handbag lover. Regardless, the price, if I really adore the handbag, I definitely will buy it. These 2 handbags are priceless for me awarded from my hubby. Thanks my lovely hubby ;p


  1. alahai dear... if de org xsuke kite show off maknanya dia susah nak dpt cenggini... ihihiiii... me oso suka masuk dalam blog coz blog kan online diary kita ;-)

    ok gula kapas best! me nak jugak! hehehe ;-)

  2. Beauty, i takotla, ade org ckp nak show off, hehe. tp kalo nak show off, tade la i tunjuk phone tu, hahaha. Kurang2 i phone 4! LoL. Hubby i ske wat i cam budak2, beli gula kapas, terasa CUTE plak i ni. hehe =)