Sunday, March 6, 2011

5 March: TGI, Sunway Pyramid to IKEA Sale

Staff benefit, every quarter dapat budget "makan-makan" ngan team, at first my team suggest nak pegi Red Box, Sunway. But, system down plak, delay until 12pm, suppose at 11am, so saya dan hubby gi jalan2 dulu. Breakfast kat Hot n Roll dulu. Hubby saya suke gi makan kat ctu.
At 12pm, system Red Box still down, so change last minute to makan-makan. My boss suggest pegi TGI Friday. What a surprise! Check this out...
Time surprise tu bile my boss beli cake and celebrate bufday kat sane!
Thanks to all, especially my boss! Highly appreciated.

Ok, da abes lunch kat TGI, kami gi IKEA carik barang umah plak.

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