Friday, March 18, 2011

Newly 2 Weeks


At first it feels so surreal to say it out loud. I couldn't believe that I'm actually gonna be a mom! As my pregnancy test did not show me any positive result at 1st test on 8 Mar . Then I did 2nd test last 2 days, the"test band" line was very blur.

Believe it or not, last nite my hubby and I went for a clinic to confirm this, Alhamdulillah, newly 2 weeks. Still very tiny!

Now that I'm at my 1st trimester of pregnancy, I need to be more alert and cautious on everything.

Hey baby,
U're just 2 weeks!
Doctor said, mummy only can see ur heartbeat on ur 6th week...
Doc said mummy need to take folic acid!
FYI, folic acid plays a large role in ur cell growth and development, for ur tissue formation too...
Mummy latest weight only 47kg, so mummy need to put my weight on to support u...

I just can't wait to meet my lil baby, who is expected to come out end of Dec. InsyaAllah.

Do pray that everything goes well for me and my bundle of joy.

I'm touched when I read one of my friend entry in her blog, hey u make me cry! I can feel how u feel, but all are written, Allah knows better than us. Keep trying and praying :)

We can't stop people from asking torturing:
-Married,  "When u'll get a baby"
-Pregnant, "Baby boy or girl"
-Deliver 1st baby, "When u'll get 2nd baby"
-etc... where u can't run away from this topic at all!

FUNNIEST, I baru kahwin 1 month and 2 weeks as of today, then people start asking me, "Eh, cepatnya pregnant". LOL.


  1. congrates siela :D la, cpt or lmbt dh mmg rzki siela :D tek gud k of ursef k :D jgn active sgt 1st trimester nie, sgt2 la fragile ~~ jga pmakanan ~~ dont eat sumthing yg 'tajam2' ~~ bykkn brht n mnum air ~~ yup, folic acid is essential for bby ~~ for its growth... hm, whatelse erk. ah, nsib la yerk klu siela experience nausea n morning sickness ~~ n klu craving pn, jgn la dera solah tu sgt2 ~~ tym craving tu la rsany suami sgt2 tseksa sbb nk fulfil pmintaan kta yg entah pa2 nth.. hahaha :D just tek xtra gud k of ursef n bby k :D along sntiasa doakn ksjhteraan n ksihatan siela n bby :D xoxo

  2. aku soklan pertama pun xlepas ag. huhu. tahniah beb..

  3. Along: Thanks a lot. Hopefully, seila xkene morning sickness. Da takut ni.

    Rai: InsyaAllah ade la rezeki nti =)