Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am Over The Moon

Do I sound splendid?

The good thing about being to full of myself is the attention that I get. Now, I can say I am no longer full of myself but it is for REAL. I think I will be pampered a lot but not spoilt. Hihihi.

See this:

Thanks Allah for giving me this precious moment. I am a new mother now.

Hey my lilttle baby...Take good care of yourself in mummy's tummy=)


  1. alhamdulillah =) congrats seila!

  2. me so jeles!! please ask fizzy ilham to be ready having a baby =(

  3. TQ Azrin =)
    Beauty: Why he's not ready? Come on, baby tu rezeki, babab dia baru tau!

  4. tatau!! someone should nasihat kat dia.. =(

  5. Yana: Thanks, byk2 bersabar ok.
    Beauty: U kene byk2 doa, insyaAllah Allah bukak pintu hati dia nti...Amin.