Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Self Therapy

The past few weeks were amazing! There are many reasons why. Let me share!

New Hair-Do

I went jeans shopping and tried out a pair of jeans at MANGO store for the first time. Not only that, I brought it to the counter and handed it to the nice lady before it was rightfully mine!

It seems like I have been buying on impulse nowadays as I have to make quick decisions and not making my hubby wait for so long. Here you go!

My dear hubby, thanks for patiently accompanying me as I went shopping. I know you like it too :)

You're always in a good mood whenever we go out, kan? hehehe.

But nowadays shopping is never the same. Besides buying things for myself, I tend to buy things for our home sweet home. U do realise that right? hik hik hik.

I bet my hubby liked our recent outing =)


  1. oh dear i do love shoping... semalam konon nak cari kemeja for fizzy last2 i yang membeli... salahkan zara pi buat sale... ihihihiii... hair do tu i jeles!! i wish i can cut my hair like dat... fizzy tak kasi =(

  2. hehehe, i love shopping too! kalo xsihat, trus sihat bile dengar shopping. haha. First try to have new look, tp cam sayang plak rambut i before ni =)

  3. oh as a GUY i do like shopping. like je la. but not the 'paying,payment,swipe' etc part. if i bley shopping RM7000/day. pheff!

  4. Bleh je nak shopping camtu! Tunggu menang 200k la. hik hik hik =)

  5. i love shopping too ! i boleh shopping like rm500 to rm700 a day if mood shopping tu menggila ! :P what to do, thats my passion. tapi yang tak bagusnya, semua tu bukan duit sendiri. bila laaa nak kerja merasa shopping pakai duit sendiri kan. cant wait though ! :)

  6. Nadhira, kalo da gune duit sendiri, u'll think twice to spend the money for shopping! So, enjoy the moment that u've now :) Trust me, it is far better!