Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All Day Long

Had a very early start yesterday. I woke up at 5am, my stomach meragam! So worry if something not good happened to my baby.
My hubby and I went to clinic (Government Clinic). After we spent the rest of the morning, yea you know how they all work. So messy, no system at all. The reason I went to government to see their service, if okay then later I can proceed my maternity check up there but I will NEVER. The doc can even ask me, "Do you have any high blood pressure or low blood pressure?" , I asked the doc twice, as I am confused with her question.

Yes, she asked me with the same question.

Pissed off! I really wanted to say, "Are u really a doc or now I am become a doc?"

But, I managed to control my emotion, in a really nice tone and full of manner, I said, "How I know, that is why I am here".

She did nothing then,  but gave me the prescription. Owh, I HATE THEM. Sorry, I just being honest here!

So, at the end, I also didn't know why I got such a pain yesterday morning :(

Then, I rushed to office, as usual, continue WORKING.

Sharp 6pm, I went to Hospital Tunku Ampuan Rahimah Klang visit my sis.

We had dinner Ladyfinger Restaurant then. Unique coz ade tempat duduk bamboo tu, hihihi. Variety of food as they have few stalls to choose!

Abaikan ape yang sedang cik hubby saya buat tu =)

Buku Menu ni perlu improvement, kasi LAWA sket bleh?

We reached home at 10.30pm after the dinner. So TIRED.

I wore heels (as an attempt to look elegant) so you can just imagine what they do to my feet after walking all day long. I hate to admit this but sometimes we girls sacrifice comfort for style..haha! Plus, I am preggy mummy now, so sensitive :)

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