Friday, March 11, 2011

TGIF! Tranung, here I come!

Thank God It's Friday :) Well actually this entry is a scheduled one, upon publishing, hubby and I are heading to Terengganu! Yeayy!

This is the first time, hubby and I balik kampung after we get married! And this so-called "excitement journey" is also inconjuction with few things that we need to do, e.g. visiting family members, attending wedding invitations, surprise party and the most important thing, to get our 2nd Sijil Nikah, the 1st certificate given previously was expired, hehe :D

In about few hours time, I will be on my way to few friends' house for their Wedding. Omg, I'm so excited to meet all my old friends there! They are all my ex-schoolmates.

There will be added joy on this weekend since someone is turning older in next few days, and we will rock the person's world =)

I'll be occupied this weekend! But I'm sure it's gonna be a BLAST!

P/S: Even my hubby not well, I am praying for the BEST :)

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